Keep a diary of things

Keep a diary of things

Do you remember what you have eaten and drank this past week? Was it all healthy and nutritious foods or half healthy, half junk or all junk?  Do you remember how you were feeling this past week whether you were tired, hungry, angry, moody, happy, energetic, hyperactive or any other emotion?  Come to think about it with all your work, household work, liaising with friends/family and the rest you would have probably forgotten have the things you have eaten.  Now, it’s the end of the week and you have found yourself feeling sluggish and your belt feels a little tighter.  You ask yourself one question – What did I eat this week?!

Keeping a food diary is a very important and efficient tool when undertaking any sort of exercise porgramme.  They are great reminders of what you have eaten and you can even plan for your next few meals.  Food and mood diaries as they are called is your own homework.  Everytime you eat or drink something you write it down, the time of consumption and how your mood was sometime after you had eaten and drank – say half hour to an hour after.  We say to write your mood sometime after just to see what effects the foods have had in your system and as the endocrine system works quite slowwwwwwwlyyyy you need time for the food to digest and start launching all sorts of hormones!  These diaries need to be quite extensive and accurate for it to work properly to ensure you are on the right track.  I know it’s a pain in the backside having to write down every meal and at what time etc etc but it’s worth it and here’s why ….

When food and mood diaries are analysed by a professional they can work out trends.  Trends such as hunger patterns, mood after eating certain foods and what foods you have consumed in that day and whether that is due to time/work/busy lifestyle etc.  If say you have eaten a meal, then an hour later eaten another heavy meal shows that your first meal was not fulfilling enough and people analysing these diaries can interpret this and suggest other possible foods which will keep you full for longer.  Also, time is an important factor these days and often people will binge on take away foods etc so again another thing to interpret and again professionals can give alternatives to avoid you snacking on rubbish foods!  These diaries are very important and helpful in finding out problems and rectifying them.  I had a person who was struggling to fill himself up on foods and was finding himself feeling hungry everyday.  So I told him for a week to write out his exact schedule, so from his first meal to his last, timings of the meal, when he sets off for work, starts work, breaks, lunch, when he gets home, when he goes to the gym, when’s his dinner time etc etc…I was bordering being a stalker to be honest! But it was his whole weeks regime which I had needed to work out certain trends and find out possible solutions.  2 weeks in to his new diet, I had text him regarding his body fat % and he text me saying it had reduced by 4 %.  It was a great feeling to have, you know you have helped someone achieve his goal of losing fat and putting on muscle and improving his mood and reducing hunger pangs.  He said to me he doesn’t feel hungry anymore, he feels more energised and is losing fat and putting on muscle!  So you can see here guys that these diaries are fantastic!  Okay, fine if you don’t want to get them checked by a ‘pro’ then keep one for yourself and just write down everything you ate that week and analyse it for yourself over the weekend.  See the slots where you went wrong and find possible solutions to rectify that problem.  The more extensive these diaries are the better they will be to interpret so yeah put your working hours down and other hours when you are doing something too, this will just aid anyone looking at these diaries.

So if you’re finding yourself putting on a few fat pounds or finding yourself not achieving your training goals then try and keep an extensive diary and analyse it or get it checked on a weekly bases.  When you are finding your feet and eating and living healthy is becoming second nature then get the diary checked every 2 weeks and so on.  Soon you will find that your eating and living habits have improved thoroughly and you are seeing your goals being achieved !

Keeping a food diary – A piece of cake!  Which you can have once you’ve disciplined yourself !