Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2013’

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

So yet another year has almost passed!  Time does fly!  What I want all you readers to do now is just to sit back, relax and think about all that hard work you have put in exercising and keeping fit.  Just think about your goals and how excited you were to achieve them and think […]

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Healing the old fashion way

We would all love to be in the Southern hemisphere right about now where the sun is shining and Santa is walking around in shorts!  But unfortunately for all of us who live in the Northern hemisphere winter is upon us and that means – yes you’ve guessed it Christmas!  Howeverrrrr, along with the festive […]

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Body sculpture

When we think about building muscle and losing fat we think ‘Let’s lift some iron!’.  But think how many people think about doing body weight exercises only to get a sweat on ? Are you one of those who only thinks about lifting weights or did you ever think that in 20 minutes of body […]

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