Healing the old fashion way

Healing the old fashion way

We would all love to be in the Southern hemisphere right about now where the sun is shining and Santa is walking around in shorts!  But unfortunately for all of us who live in the Northern hemisphere winter is upon us and that means – yes you’ve guessed it Christmas!  Howeverrrrr, along with the festive season there is always a bitter chill which spreads throughout, and this causes most of us to fall ill with all sorts of flues, colds etc etc.  See always a catch to a happy time of the year eh!

So what do we do when we start to get the sniffles or feel that rough cough appearing ? Yeah we go in to our cabinets and take some medication, the synthetic types which are made in labs and we buy for a few pounds.  But what if there was another way to prevent and cure flues and colds ?  Another way in which we don’t need to spend any excess money on tablets…that got your attention I bet!  And there is a way, a very simple way – it’s called going to the market and buying your weekly healthy shopping!


Synthetic medication is a very very recent introduction in to our race.  If you look at a timeline from when we first walked on this planet to now then the medication would literally be half a mm or even less on the timeline.  The rest of the years we have been living on fresh foods off the land and they have always helped us survive.  Fruits and vegetables come packed with a whole host of nutrients which play an active role in our body.  They help with all body functions and prevent any annoying little invaders from sneaking in.  All you have to do is buy an array of colours from the supermarket.  You should have a rainbow on your plate when you sit down with a meal meaning a variety of vegetables to accompany your other food sources.  All these products work in synergy to help protect your body.  If you look at a simple apple, not only is it got some healthy sugar and fibre, but it can help eliminate free radicals and help with problems related with the immune system.  It can even play a vital role in helping with breathing problems allowing you to inhale and exhale more comfortably.  Honey also comes packed with vitamins and minerals, especially manuka honey from New Zealand which can prevent and cure throat problems and infections.  I can go in to so many different types of fruits and vegetables and explain what vitamins and minerals they host but that will just take too long!

I remember when I was younger and every time I got ill I used to take a few paracetamols or nurofen to help cure pain and infections.  But over time and after reading and gaining more knowledge regarding the body and healthy eating I simply just ate well and ‘lived off the land’.  For the past 2 years I haven’t fallen ill !  Now you could just put that down to wrapping up warm – yes granted I was taking precaution, but how many people even when wrapping up warm fall ill and all they can think about doing is lying in bed eating cookies and milk watching Christmas films.  Simply put, your body is made by the nutrients you eat and therefore eating the healthy things which we first originally did will help with preventing colds.  2 days ago, I woke up with a runny nose, nothing too bad but I knew if I didn’t do something about it it would affect my weekend and I would have to cancel sessions with my clients.  So throughout the day, I drank fluids, herbal teas, ate lots of fresh vegetables such as peppers, spinach, tomatoes and lots of salads and fruits.  In the night I also had a warm cup of tomato soup and a plate of salad with a drizzle of olive oil to pack an extra dose of omega 3.  I also ate a piece of chicken to help me with my protein intake as protein plays a vital part in maintaining muscle, skin and so many other bodily functions.  So literally 1 day of fresh fruits, salads, vegetables, fluids and protein, I was cured and woke up the next day feeling great!  So this stuff works!  I am talking from experience and I am a firm believer in if you eat right you will stay right.

Another key point to remember is that vitamins and minerals work in synergy meaning they need each other to metabolise properly in the body.  Vitamins A, C and E help recycle each other and CoQ10 too.  They are all important in maintaining body function and systems and help with immune function!  Minerals such as zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium are all fantastic for your immune system and boosts the confidence of certain enzymes which produce immune cells.  Literally, there is a whole host of vitamins and minerals which play a vital part in your body and you should take note that foods work together.  It’s like in a football match – you wouldn’t send 1 player on the pitch, even if it was just Messi!  You send them all out at the same time and watch them score 5-6 goals.  It’s a team effort and the same analogy applies to our body.  So to prevent any illnesses creeping up make sure you stock up on your fresh veg and fruits.  Also, do not forgot to season your foods with your herbs and spices!!!!!!!!!  They again add some health benefits which I will elaborate on in another article.  This article was just about informing you, the reader about preventing illnesses from just the foods we eat, but in the near future I will focus more in to certain food ingredients and the health benefits they deliver.

Now go do some shopping and wrap up warm!