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Deep breaths – The key to performance

Now I don’t care what you are doing whether you are hitting a punchbag, running a 100 meter sprint, dead lifting a cow or doing yoga..YOU HAVE TO BREATH! Yeah I know this sounds strange and pretty obvious that yes breathing is compulsory and we don’t need to think about it….or do we ? Let’s […]

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The fat hormone?

You must be thinking – The fat hormone ?  Is there really a hormone called fat ?? Well the straight answer is – no.  But there are hormones out there which are contributors to fat deposition around our body.  In this blog we shall browse over 1 hormone in particular which leads to fat gain […]

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Focus on 1 part

Since it’s well in to January now and we are cracking on with our work outs and healthy eating, why not try a different approach to building muscle?  Yes I know you go to the gym doing a leg session and you get onto those BB squats etc etc and you hit your chest with […]

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Goals of 2014 !

Before we get in to the article I would just like to say hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hope you all enjoyed all the eating and socialising.  But unfortunately we don’t sculpt God like bodies on booze and chocolates!  Wish we did though! Now it’s the new year, […]

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