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Here are some reports and views from members of our Cardiff and Newport classes: Dave, Newport Classes [ult_roundbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”#ddca89″ bordercolor=”#dd9933″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” ]Krav is great for keeping fit and gaining confidence. I have learned so much over the years with training and it’s all done in a safe and friendly environment.[/ult_roundbox] Karen, Newport Classes [ult_roundbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”#ddca89″ bordercolor=”#dd9933″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” ]I …

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Fuel it up

Now we all know that eating too many sugars (simple carbohydrates) are bad for you.  They are more inclined to store up in fat cells, make you sluggish and can cause diseases such as strokes and heart attacks which we all want to stay away from.  But they are just so tasty!  I mean come […]

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The sweet craving

Who hasn’t walked passed a bakery and eyed that tasty little cupcake in the window or that stunning chocolate gateaux with shavings on top?  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  But why do us humans love to eat sugary things, and why do they taste so amazing that we keep craving more […]

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Running with ITB syndrome – You don’t want it!

ITB syndrome stands for Iliotibial band syndrome and is not your friend!  This usually occurs with runners as they continuously pound the tarmac causing pressure to build up in their lower limbs.  Let’s just have a look at what ITB syndrome is all about first. Your iliotibial band runs down from your pelvis and attaches […]

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