The sweet craving

The sweet craving

Who hasn’t walked passed a bakery and eyed that tasty little cupcake in the window or that stunning chocolate gateaux with shavings on top?  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  But why do us humans love to eat sugary things, and why do they taste so amazing that we keep craving more and more!  I could honestly sit here and happily finish off a chocolate fudge cake with that big scoop of cold vanilla ice cream and still be craving more.  You wouldn’t think I was in the health and fitness industry with fantasies like that eh!  But back to my earlier question, why do we crave sugars?

We all know that humans are intelligent and very advanced species.  This is why in the past we have built amazing and awe inspiring structures such as the great wall of China or the pyramids of Egypt.  I mean who would have thought that they could build a space ship which would take us to space and back or just recently build the ‘Gaia’ satellite which is basically Google solar system taking thousands of pictures of our different planets.  I can go on and on about the wonders we have achieved that a baboon simply cannot!  But how have we done all this?

THE BRAIN!  We have been gifted with an organ which is simply beautiful and at its best, can help us achieve unimaginable feats.  The brain is our control system and is made of fatty substances.  It also needs lots of glucose and water to help it functioning correctly and without these it will simply wither away and affect the way we live our lives.  Glucose is very much a sugar; a fast acting sugar and is vital for our brain function and this is why we crave sugars to allow our brain to function properly.  Ever wonder why when we feel sad we eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?  It’s because the release of glucose helps the brain manufacture happy hormones such as serotonin which lifts your mood.  So ever since humans have walked this Earth we have loved sugars, just like cats crave proteins we crave sugars, simply due to hormonal functions and optimum brain functions.

Howeverrrrr, and there is a big however, big company’s and well established company’s have over the last few decades have caught on to this and started making their own sugars.  These sugars come from unnatural sources and are very harming for your body.  So yes they do help curb your sugar cravings but for a short period of time and then put you in a slump again not to mention raise your chances of getting diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and the rest.  For the price too!  It’s a bargain to buy those jammy dodgers and wagon wheels.  But let me tell you, there are many other ways of curbing your sugar cravings which not only will keep you satisfied for longer but are extremely healthy.  So if you have just become single, leave the ice creams and let’s pick healthier options which are as sweet or even sweeter!

Strawberries and blueberries are perfect for curbing your sugar cravings and not only that they come packed with powerful antioxidants which are healthy for your body.  Have you ever made a strawberry, banana and honey smoothie?  They are amazing!  So sweet, fresh and tasty that you will forget about that box of chocolates in your cabinet.  All those ingredients are sweet and come packed with vitamins and minerals which will avoid your blood sugar levels to deplete, leaving you feeling as bad or worse before you wanted your sugars.  Not to mention bananas are a great source of potassium and tryptophan which aids your sleep and circulatory system.  See guys and girls healthy sugars are good for you!  Also try out a variety of different fruits such as mangoes and pineapples and put them together to make a gorgeous smoothie!  They are extremely refreshing especially with some fresh Greek yoghurt.  I have raved on in the past about smoothies and how efficient they are, so get off that seat and tailor them to your likings.  Even if you make your own layer crunch with yoghurt, fruits, berries and honey it comes out so tasty and healthy that you will feel like you’re on a high (completely legal of course).  Dark chocolate has the same effect due to substances such as PEA.  This triggers happy hormones which sends you feeling satisfied and excited.  So to everyone reading this article, you can get your sweets from natural sources and not only are they sweet they come with a punch of rich vitamins and minerals that your body needs.  We shouldn’t be relying on manmade sugars which have been around for not even a tenth of our existence.  We have mostly relied on the ground and the natural ingredients aiding us with the sugars that we need.  So next time you feel like eating a bar of chocolate from the Willy Wonka factory, think twice and instead go for the healthy dark chocolate brownies you had made.  They will keep you fuller for longer and give you a good dose of nutrition.


Again I say…Stay out of the sugary cabinet and explore the world of natural sugars this beautiful Earth has gifted us with.