Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2014’

Push that extra mile

It’s all good going to the gym and having a session, coming out feeling like you’ve done a good job whilst downing your protein shake.  But have you really had a good session or are you just telling yourself that ? It all boils down to your state of mind.  Let me just paint you […]

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Who’s slouching now ?

By now you guys know a little bit about nutrition, exercises and general lifestyle pointers.  Now let’s dive a little bit in to muscle groups and how they communicate with each other.  It’s not boring honest! If you didn’t already know, our muscles work in conjunction with each other to execute movement patterns.  Just like […]

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Food – Fasting – Fat

Let’s face it, we all love food! Whether it be a healthy meal or a dessert we do enjoy what we put in our gobs.  So what we eat determines what happens in our internal systems and this determines our appearance.  This can have either a brilliant or an adverse affect on our appearance.  However, […]

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