Push that extra mile

Push that extra mile

It’s all good going to the gym and having a session, coming out feeling like you’ve done a good job whilst downing your protein shake.  But have you really had a good session or are you just telling yourself that ?

It all boils down to your state of mind.  Let me just paint you a picture….Tom goes to the gym and it’s back day today and he loves doing back!  So he starts off doing deadlifts – 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  Yeah nice and easy all done..moving on to stiff leg deadlifts.  The same again, nice and easy a little sweat and he moves on.  Then he does bent over rows – the same again and that’s no problem.  Tom sails through his workout nicely feeling good about himself that he’s pumped some iron.  He feels energised and springs home ready to start the rest of his day.  Now how does that sound to you guys?  Sounds like he’s worked really hard right? WRONG!

You know why it’s wrong?  The proof is in that example – ‘He sails through his workout nicely’, ‘He feels energised and springs home’, ‘Nice and easy’.  If you had a hell of a workout you will not be feeling like this you will be feeling rather tired, fatigued and sweating knowing that you physically cannot lift anymore weights and if you do then your arms will literally fall off.  So this is what I want to talk a little bit about, people who need to overcome that ‘comfortable’ barrier, that zone that their in and really push the boat out far – Push that extra mile!

So when it comes to gym time you want to get your head screwed on right!  You can’t be heading into the gym with a ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude or ‘I’ll take it easy’ attitude.  If that’s the case then you might as well turn your behind around and go back home and reevaluate your goals and what you actually want!  So prior to hitting the gym, even half an hour before think of things that will motivate you and give you that aggression to smash through your session!  Whether it’s listening to ‘eye of the tiger’ or watching ‘Arnie’s workouts’ do whatever it takes to get that aggression building up so you can harness it in to lifting those weights!  When I say harnessing the aggression I don’t mean trying to beat people up, I mean controlling that skill and focusing it on your session!  We need certain hormones which help us workout and being in this state of mind will certainly release them.

When you are in the gym remember to reevaluate what you are actually doing here.  It’s 100% or 0%, you’re all in or all out there’s no bluffing..sorry all you gamblers this is just a different ball game.  You lift that weight up or you run that mile will all you got!  You want to deadlift 10 repetitions then choose a weight that will get you struggling to do the last 1 or 2 reps not a weight which you can do 10 easily and think ‘na I’ll just stick to 10 today’.  That is a lazy attitude and if you’re like that then fix your head properly and add more weight on!  Remember it’s all in or all out.  So remember people you’re working that specific muscle group so think to yourselves ‘how can I break these muscles down to the point that they can’t perform anymore’.  Once you think like that you’ll open so many more doors, you’ll have so many more avenues to train whether it be circuit training, super sets, post exhaust..the list goes on.  But the goal is to really target that muscle group and rip it down!

Another important thing to remember is that when you reach a goal, don’t just settle there.  Keep making new goals and trying to perfect yourselves more and more.  Because once you reach an acceptance, a mutual agreement with your mind that you’ve got your goal and not moving on then that’s the day you have given up and not all in.  The human body is a brilliant and beautiful thing and it can expand and grow in so many ways and for such a long time.  Give it that opportunity to keep on growing because I guarantee you that you will never reach a peak at everything in this lifetime – maybe if you lived to a 1000 years and were still agile, supple and strong then you might have a chance of getting about halfway there.  So remember keep pushing yourselves and don’t just reach the ceiling, no no no, you smash through that ceiling limit and reach for the skies above!  I read a very interesting quote by Mohammad Ali in a book of mine.  A reporter asked him how many press ups could he do and Ali replied ‘8 or 9′.  The reporter then said ‘Is that all?’  Ali replied ‘Yeah I only start counting until I reach failure’.  I was taken back when I read that and it just shows that yes although he was one of the all time greatest boxers he too started somewhere, trained at maximum intensity and reaped the benefits.  So keep that in mind and it will help you.

I often try to motivate my clients to push and push, yes you have the standard shouting in their ears trying to deafen them and inject some adrenalin in their systems (through sound only!) but I do use other ways too.  If a client asks me a standard question like ‘How many reps have I done’  I simply answer ‘Not enough’.  2 words ‘Not enough’ can really spur somebody on even if you’re telling yourself that it can push you in to another gear and full speed ahead!  If clients are not doing as well as I know they can then I simply look at them, in a calm yet stern voice say ‘Get up, compose yourself and finish those last repetitions.  Are you at your limit?’  That simple bit at the end helps people pick their heads up and get through their set.

Motivating yourselves or others through different ways whether it be voice, expressions, actions or even past experiences will help you up your game!  I want all of you who are reading this to reevaluate yourselves and ask are you really putting in 100% or have you made a mutual agreement with your mind to remain in that ‘comfort zone’ and do 80%.  If you are working below full speed then it’s up to you to do something about it and if you want those results and keep bettering yourselves then you need to push that extra mile!