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Add to your collection

So the blog I will be writing about today will be a little different from what I normally talk about.  I thought to myself that I have rambled on for a long time about health and fitness and you guys can read my blog if you wish to gain some knowledge or just refresh your memory, but I have never really spoken about or recommended any health and fitness related books.  This is what I will be talking about today!

Last week one of my lovely clients gave me one of her books to read regarding nutrition.  So being an open minded person and having an interest to read I took it home and did a bit of reading.  The book is called ‘Clean & Lean Diet’ by James Duigan.  So let’s see what I thought of this book shall we?

This book is very well organised in terms of explaining healthy eating.  The first section explains thoroughly about what your body does not need and what you should be nourishing it with.  James has explained this very well and the good thing is that it’s an easy read.  He has avoided too many scientific explanations and big long words for enzymes and other ridiculous things which work wonders in your body and kept it short and sweet.  He gets straight to the point and you don’t really need to scratch your head to comprehend anything in these chapters. Another great thing about this book is that it’s not too long and he’s organised the chapters in an article format with pictures, big headings, lots of colours and big bold fonts.  All of these techniques help you retain and gain knowledge which will help you improve your nutrition.

Each chapter in the first section explains about toxins and health without overloading your brain with too much knowledge.  Also what I really like about this book which lots of other nutrition related books don’t have is a table of which foods are the worst, better and the best for your body.  So depending on what you are reading, at the end of a chapter he has added in healthier substitutions for food and drinks.  Think you can’t drink alcohol?  Think again!

The second section then goes in to your diet plans, exercises and many recipes which you can practise.  Again, using lots of colours, bullet points and various other techniques, he has captivated the attention of the reader; keeping them interested and eager to learn more.  The second section is all about the practise of healthy eating whereas the first part was more about gaining the knowledge and making you contemplate healthy eating.

So overall, I thought this book is a great read and it’s not difficult to understand anything of what he is saying.  If you are a person who wants extra help and enjoy reading, then I would suggest you purchase this book and crack on!  James Duigan keeps the recipes interesting, the format light and short.  The good thing is that all these foods and drinks come with an explanation of why they are good for you.  The amount of times I hear people or people telling me that ‘I cannot eat this or drink that’ is ridiculous.  You need to explain to them why certain foods are good for you so you should be eating this and that.  This is why food explaining in books is an important aspect as it reassures the reader of why that type of food is added.

It’s definitely a book to buy and you can get it from various places such as Amazon, the book depository and the works.  So if you need or want something to add to your collection then this is a good, informative book to buy.