Multitasking for strength

Multitasking for strength

‘I’m a woman so I can multitask’ is a very common phrase that lots of people hear!  Just to be clear – I’m not a woman I was just quoting it.

However, if you really think about it, both men and women multitask.  Do you ever do listen to music whilst revising or do you speak on the phone whilst writing a blog?  I know I am right now!  This is a form of multitasking so to say that only women can do it is wrong.  Our brains are a beautiful piece of equipment and at the moment we think that the brain can do about 7 things at a time.  Now that is more than computers can do and guess what you don’t have to pay for your brain you get it free with the rest of your body!  Anyway I’m going a little bit off topic here but we are still circulating around multitasking.

Who says you can’t do 2 things at time when it comes to health and fitness?  We talk whilst lifting weights and we listen to music whilst sweating on the bike.  But why not be more productive with it?  If you are one who works out at home then this is a perfect read for you!  I am talking about working out whilst doing something else in your ‘rest time’ – Being more productive.  So let’s see what I mean….

By doing 2 things at once such as a leg workout and say mowing the lawn you are not only building strength for your legs but in your ‘rest period’ you are subjecting your legs to a little active recovery.  Now this active recovery can be quite strenuous at times especially if you have a weird shaped lawn – which in turn challenges those broken down fibers even more!  So you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone and doing some sort of different circuit work out.  So say your aiming for 4 sets of 6 – 8 repetitions of DB 1 leg squats then once finished 1 set on each leg crack on with the lawn!  Remember try and time it well so after a set amount of active recovery you’re back on your 1 leg squats.  Honestly people it works, if you bypass the worry of hay fever and annoying little bees then take your weights out the back, set them up, put some music on and crack on!  Believe it or not you can work up a real good sweat from this circuit type training and you’re burning even more calories than just doing the one at a time!

Another example could be cleaning a room in the house.  Again, bring 2 pieces of weights with you such as 2 dumbbells and maybe a barbell too if you have room and crack on!  Another circuit could be smash out a super set doing a set of dumbbell shoulder presses then in to dumbbell upright rows then start reaching for those cobwebs in the corner!  Crack on your ‘active recovery’ for a minute and then go again!  Yes I know it takes more time but it makes cleaning a lot more fun, you’re carrying out 2 chores at once and most importantly burning even more calories which I know that people love to read about!

You can even be more creative by not using any external weights and using the body that God gave you in the first place.  Now this sort of training can also be for people who don’t have weights at home and are a member of a gym.  If you’re not up for a gym session on a certain day as you have lots of house work out do or cleaning up because your new girlfriend is coming over for the first time then combine the work with body weight movements!  When hoovering instead of just walking, do lunges!  When bending down to pick things up for cleaning low surfaces or objects then get in to a squat position and hold it there.  When reaching out to clean walls or corners then get on 1 leg and stretch out!  Also don’t forget to whip out lots of quick press ups in the meantime!  Since it’s a body weight work out you will be using your core all the time and testing your balance and strength whilst cleaning.  Again burning lots of calories!

So above are just a few ways of combining 2 things in 1 – saving you time, burning more calories and building strength and endurance at the same time!  Remember your ‘active recovery’ is still working your muscles so you’re not really resting them as you should normally be if you were just exercising.  This way of working out can be very efficient if you do it right and not be lazy with it.  Remember not to take too long in your recovery stage as you still need that work against a heavier resistance.  Once you have the balance right then you can be creative and build your own so called circuits!  It works and a great tool for anyone wanting to have a good session at home – Odd yes I agree but who cares!  You’re working out to better yourself not to care what other people think as they’re lounging around eating their battered fish and chips.

So now do you think you men can’t multitask?  Get back to the drawing board and try and fit in a couple of these a week.  You’ll be helping whoever you live with by clearing up and be helping your mind and body by exercising.  So go on .. multitask to build strength!