Harness the energy

Harness the energy

Today we will be going over a few emotions.  But not to worry I’m not telling you a sad sad story that will make you want to cry in bed!  No no this is very much the opposite.  We will be going over some strong and aggressive emotions.  Sounds scary I bet but again not to worry….

We know that when you start exercising your heart rate increases, more nutrients are delivered to your muscles, more blood diverted that way too and neurotransmitters  such as Ach are backpacking throughout your body.  This is all due to the adrenal gland being put to good use due to the hypothalmus telling it what to do.  The adrenal gland is an extremely important gland as it helps us especially in tough situations.  Years ago and I mean talking before Jesus and that lot, when we were living in the Ice Age if we would come across stressful situations such as being confronted by a big grizzly bear our adrenal glands would secrete hormones such as adrenaline which would in turn increase energy availability to try and get the hell out of there!!!  Good luck trying to fight a bear hero!  This sort of stress relates to the gym, when we lift weights or run or hit the bag, we are put in to stressful situations.  I know it’s not the same as those times but our muscles still need that energy to get through that session.  So the cycle continues – We lift weights, get a pump on, get red in the face like we’re about to kill someone and then once our set is over we relax again and get back to a normal state.  Simple eh!  But still what is harnessing this energy all about?

Ever been angry or violent?  Stupid question of course you have.  Have you ever found yourself losing control of that anger or aggression and find yourself punching a wall – Possible breaking your wrist or throwing your stupid PS3 controller because some idiot is always ‘camping’ on COD?  Yes we all have at some stage of our life become angry or aggressive and occasionally have lost the plot so to say.  Guys and girls…anger is a normal human emotion, so is aggression but it’s about how to control that emotion not to let it lose!  The limbic part of our brain is very hard to control but it can be done!  That is the part which controls emotions if you didn’t know.  When we get angry or aggressive our adrenaline levels are ampt up ten fold which gives us that go to follow things through.  But what happens is that often our other sensitive emotions get suppressed and after that sudden urge we tend to feel bad about what we have done.  So this is why controlling that anger and aggression is a skill which can be learnt.  Don’t get me wrong you will still feel that burst of energy but you’ll control that power and be able to channel it a lot more efficiently than if you just let loose.  Like Denzel said in ‘Remember the Titans’ – ‘It’s about harnessing that aggression’.  He is completely right – No matter what sport you do, or what work out you are doing, you harness that anger and aggression and put all you got in to that specific exercise.

So let’s relate this in to the gym.  You are trying to do an exercise which is difficult and getting flustered about it.  Yea that is fine – use it to your advantage because when you learn to control this strong emotion you’ll be able to focus all that energy in to the move that you are doing or wanting to execute and I guarantee you that you will pull it off!  Take a clean and press in to a press up.  Now that is tough and I know that many people get annoyed or angry because they cannot execute that move.  But take a step back – Control those emotions and tell yourself that you WILL smash through this.  Channel all that aggression, anger, maybe even fear of not doing the move in to each repetition and you’ll come out smiling.  I always tell my clients to focus and control their anger and strong emotions and put it to good use in their work outs.  It works and I have had so many clients being able to successfully carry out their exercises due to controlling that energy.  It takes time, practise and patience but if you are determined you will get there!

Even if somebody has annoyed you earlier on or you are frustrated about something or another – Then use it to your advantage!  Remember – Turn every negative to a positive.  Use that excess energy and put it to good use.  Get to that gym with that rage and blast through your session and you will feel amazing after it.  I remember not long ago I was doing a good little work out and on reverse flies I had hit my knee with the dumbbell – Ooo it hurt!  Anger built up within but knowing this I used that frustration to carry on and actually did more than I thought I would.  When you see a fight erupting on the street with 2 random people – Just look at the 2 clowns swinging randomly – This is out of control aggression and will get you nowhere!

So remember guys, strong emotions bring about adrenaline which brings about a surge of energy.  The skill and the beauty is to harness that energy and channel it to efficient use.  Control your mind is to control your body.  Give it a go and see how you get along.