Avoid congesting the tunnels!

Avoid congesting the tunnels!

Yeah you think I’m talking about cars but unfortunately you’d be wrong!  As interesting as it is talking about traffic jams at 6 pm rush this sort of congestion is far more microscopic.

I am actually going to ramble on about cardiovascular disorders, one in particular – atherosclerosis!

Atherosclerosis (very hard to spell) is a clever word for narrowing of the arteries.  This is an extremely dangerous situation as it can lead to many disorders including heart attack.  Atherosclerosis can occur as early as childhood but narrowing of these arteries can occur any time in your life.  When fatty deposits build up in artery walls they form lumps called atheromas.  These lumps cause inflammation of the smooth muscles which lead them to thicken and consequently cannot contract efficiently to pump the blood around the body.  This then leads to tissue death as they cannot receive any blood due to the lack of work from the smooth muscles in the artery walls.  But wait… there’s more!  Although this is serious enough, these plaques (lumps) can break off and physically block an artery causing no blood at all to flow past a certain point.  Now this is trouble as it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia, gangrene, kidney failure and the rest of the zillion issues related to atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis occurs due to a number of lifestyle choices such as smoking, bad diets, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Fortunately there are ways of reducing your chances of being diagnosed with this horrid disorder; one of which is the brilliance of food!  Food is the best invention in the world, much better than the wheel or the engine and even Newton’s laws dare I say!  Without glorious food we won’t be what we are today.  Every cell in our body is constructed with the help of tiny atoms from food!  I don’t think we rate food enough, just like Superman needs a star (any but red) to do his amazing tricks, we need food to carry out our daily tasks.  Without this we wouldn’t have the wheel or the car or Newton’s laws.  Anyway before getting carried away let’s scope through some foods which will help in reducing or avoiding this disorder!

Artichokes are a fantastic food to help reducing not only atherosclerosis but also liver disorders.  Certain vitamins and minerals help induce the flow of bile from the gall bladder which helps break down fatty stores and reduce cholesterol.  Let me just put something out there – Cholesterol isn’t bad, we need it it’s a vital component of our body it’s just when cholesterol becomes oxidised then it’s a pain in the backside!  So therefore getting rid of the bad cholesterol will lower the chances of heart disorders.

Fish are a fantastic source of omega 3 fats.  All cells contain a fatty membrane and omega 3 helps to regenerate these cell membranes.  Not only that but these healthy fats play a role in all systems in our body.  As we know that these fat lumps cause inflammation, omega 3 helps in reducing this inflammation and getting rid of the plaques residing in our arteries.

Tofu is another great food to eat.  Its high doses of B vitamins, potassium and vitamin E helps in widening the arteries and allowing blood flow.  Potassium lowers blood pressure and B vitamins help with energy production and is a metabolic stimulant.  Tofu also has phytoestrogen compounds which get rid of any excess oestrogen and maintain a healthy balance between progesterone and oestrogen.

Fruits such as grapes, kiwis and avocados have plenty of vitamin E which increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure.  Grapes do have other ingredients, one being resveratrol which has shown to improve heart health.  There is a good source of omega 3 in kiwis which again have a number of benefits for the body.  Diuretic foods like beetroot is great too (just don’t get it on your clothes people).  The dark pigments means that they have a large amount of antioxidants.  Beetroot also has compounds such as betacyanins which help with liver detoxification.  This stimulates the production of bile and helps get rid of waste toxins such as LDL cholesterol and alcohol.  Green vegetables are full of heart healthy compounds which again strengthen the heart and the circulatory system.  Things like spinach and broccoli will not only strengthen your heart but get those smooth muscles moving efficiently.  The chlorophyll content detoxifies the body of waste and helps build red blood cells, boosts energy levels and improves connective tissue integrity.  Berries of all sorts contain hundreds if not thousands of antioxidants not to mention ellagic acid, kaempferol and quercetin, all of which help reducing cholesterol levels, allergies and neutralise free radicals!

Above are only a few food types which will preventing atherosclerosis.  Honestly people there are so many foods out there such as garlic, ginger, quinoa all reduce cholesterol levels.  Actually quinoa contain an omega 3 source and ginger and garlic have amazing anti inflammatory properties.  You can actually reduce blood pressure by eating allium foods such as garlic and onions!  It’s amazing what we have on this planet and the most astonishing thing is that we haven’t discovered it all.  Nowhere near!  So many different foods contain so many fascinating properties which we haven’t discovered as of yet.  Funny eh we can build rockets and satellites and even a car which travels at 1000mph but we still haven’t uncovered the amazing health properties of a tiny little strawberry!  This just shows the power of nature and we all must take advantage of this, eat right to prevent illnesses such as this one which takes so many lives !  The earlier you start the better it is.  Start your young ones with healthy food options so they grow up with that nature.  Give them pear juice as it’s a non allergic food to get them going then take it from there.  You want to see you and your loved ones live a long and healthy life, achieve all you can and do everything you want to do!  But in order to full fill your voids, I suggest you start from nourishing your own selves by eating and drinking healthily.

Right that’s enough from me, it’s time for you to go out and start buying some good food.  So get going before I carry on rambling, I can talk about food all night mind!