1 and a half

1 and a half

You might be thinking ‘ has he lost the plot?’  What does this mean then?  By now you might have guessed that my article titles sort of differentiate from the standard ones out there, and this one is definitely no exception.  But before I get off the tracks let’s elaborate on the beautiful world of 1 1/2 training!

Normally in the gym when you carry out a set say for example a set of squats you carry out a set amount of repetitions for a respective amount of sets.  Eg:  BB squats 3 sets of 12 repetitions per set.  Nice and simple but does the job.  Now 1 1/2 just means that you not only do your 1 repetition but you do an extra half prior to starting the next repetition.  So basically when you carry out the squat in this example you squat all the way down with good form..guys remember good form all the time…and then you come up half way and then squat back down and then stand up the full way.  That is an example of 1 repetition of a 1 1/2 training method.  I know you might look like you’re bobbing up and down to the sound of LMFAO in the gym by doing this sort of training but trust me it works wonders!

What are the advantages you ask?  Right well by doing this sort of training you’re putting your muscles under a much greater deal of stress.  As they are only used to 1 motion, the brain signals your motor neurons to stimulate the muscles only in their known way, but when you add the extra half but your brain goes in to overdrive thinking ‘what the hell is this punk up to!’  It’s like a surprise attack, you hit the muscles once and before they think they’ll have a rest, Boom you hit them with another half jab!  By doing this you’re breaking down more muscle fibres and at a quicker rate too.  As your muscles are under tension for a longer period of time they make more microscopic tears in their fascia (fibrous tissue which encapsulates the muscle) and this in turn breaks down more of the muscle leading to a greater protein turnover and a bigger muscle!

This sort of stuff is fantastic for athletic performance and sports specific training (I will elaborate more on this sort of stuff in the coming blogs people so get exciteeeed!)  The reason it’s an advantage for athletes is because sports games are often long and athletes need to be focussed, fit, strong and energetic.  This in turn means that their muscles need to be trained to house that much of muscle tension for a long period of time.  This is why this sort of training is a pretty efficient method.  Now I’m not saying that you should change all of your training to this because that would be silly, but you could add this to your training days.

1 1/2 training is a great way of building strength and endurance, obviously depending on how many repetitions and weight being lifted.  It’s a great tool for people wanting to gain mass due to its extra volume training and in general it’s just a challenging work out.  Try it, next time you guys are at the gym do your normal exercise for the allocated reps and then on the next set try the same weight and do 1 1/2 repetitions and see how difficult it is.  If doing it right you will definitely need to reduce the weight…which brings me on to the next point.

DO IT RIGHT!  I don’t want to see any cheating.  When I say 1 and a half it means 1 and a half not 1 and a teeny weeny bit – no that does jack all!  It needs to be 1 full repetition, up half way and down again to the end position and then up to the start position.  None of this down fully and then up a smidge and then down and up again not at all!  You’ll only be cheating yourself so like I’ve said before take your ego out of it, reduce the weight if need be and do it properly.

Trust me this stuff burns – Just try a set of chin ups with it!  As Ron Burgundy would say – ‘It’s a deep burn!!!!’