Test of dehydration

Test of dehydration

We all know that water is extremely important for your body.  It helps you in everyday tasks, allowing you to focus on specific tasks and helps your mental endurance.  Water is a vital component of all body cells and all of your organs need it as it contains the special ‘O’ molecule.  Yes ‘O’ is the sign for oxygen for all of you who didn’t take a Chemistry class or slept all through school!  Water is the main constituent of our bodies, therefore we need a hell of a lot of it.

Now I like to read a lot and that interests me.  Obviously it has to, it’s my job to know a little bit about health and fitness and in order for me to expand my knowledge I need to read and recap information.  Through many books I have read about water and its importance on the body and its effectiveness.  Also along with that comes the consequences when you don’t drink enough of it.  Not drinking enough water throughout the day especially when you are on an exercise programme plays havoc on your body.  So I thought to myself one day, being the genius that I am, why not do a trial on myself where I deliberately reduce my water intake, even on an exercise day.  Yes….I am clever…

I have read a lot about it but never experienced it and so I thought it’d be a good idea to actually experience it and then relate that to my clients and anyone else who wants to know the severe consequences of a water reduction.  So…here we gooooo

First of all, I only drank 4 glasses of water throughout the day – Each glass was about 250ml.

Below are a few conditions I had felt:

1. Headache

2. Tiredness

3. Hunger all the time

4. Irritation and aggressiveness

5. Thirst

6. Inability to perform exercises to my full potential

7. Lack of focus

8. Lack of strength and endurance

9. Lack of concentration

10. Muscle aches and stiffness

11. Didn’t want to converse with anybody (believe me I talk a hell of a lot!)

12. Inability to think and prioritise tasks

13. Dry mouth


So the above are a few effects which I felt throughout the day.  My day started at 6:30 am and finished at 10:00 pm.  It was a long day and obviously other indicators such as tiredness from the day itself would contribute.  Although my food intake was pretty good, I still struggled throughout the day.  Normally, depending on what you eat you can actually consume a litre of water through your food but it just didn’t cut it for me even though I was eating lots of fibrous vegetables and fruits.

I can tell you now that I will not be doing that ridiculous trial on myself again as I have experienced it and can relate that for anybody else who thinks that water is not that important.  Trust me people it very much is, even though you eat plenty of food you must still keep your water intake sufficient.  It affected me even more when I was working out!  Yes of course my water intake was a little bit higher then due to more sweat losses but I still couldn’t carry out the workout to my full potential, causing irritability and pre exhaustion and over training effects.

So there we are, consider yourselves lucky that you had a guinea pig like me carrying out silly trials like this to prevent you guys from doing it and making you realise how important nutrition is for our bodies.  So take the importance of water away from this blog and like they say in WWE ‘

‘Please don’t try this at home’