Health and fitness from the early stages

Health and fitness from the early stages

Tonight we’re going to explore the importance of a healthy lifestyle from a young age…

We live in a world dominated with technology ranging from hardcore gaming on the latest PS4’s and X-Box’s to the conveniences of mobile phones with a million gimmicks.  Now don’t get me wrong, enhancements and progressions in technology is a great thing and without it the world would slow down.  Many countries across the globe rely on fast acting computers with instant responses to carry out their daily jobs.  But what I do not understand is why would a child need a top end mobile phone where they are only going to play angry birds or subway surf?

What we aren’t realising when giving the youth of these days a variety of different electrical items is that they are becoming very dormant and lazy!  Hours on end you see kids locked in their rooms gaming on or checking their facebooks with the latest ‘goss’.  This in turn does have many consequences, you ready to hear some?

1. Because they are locked up in cyber world they don’t develop the skills to communicate to another human being in a 1st person context!

2. Even doing work on the computer, thanks to its auto correct they do not learn proper grammar and make silly mistakes!

3. Constant electrical waves from computers and phones do not bode well with brain chemistry which in turn causes early brain fatigue resulting in issues such as tiredness, stress, headaches, epilepsy etc.

4. I don’t think half of the kids out there know what the Sun is!

Last of all – Sitting down all day causes them to gain fat and anti social!!!

Above are only a few issues with kids who spend the majority of their days in front of a computer.  Think about it, when you go to a cafe or anywhere like that just look over to other tables and see how many people are on their phones not even conversing with each other.  It is ridiculous that we are so indulged in the latest gossip and social media scores that we are losing the skills to actually look up, talk, smile, observe the surrounding environment and get out from our shells and head over to the nearest park and kick a ball!

But what I want to concentrate on is the actual lack of physical activity.  When you are brought up from a young age with all these fun toys you tend to focus your enjoyment on these.  This causes kids to not learn to use their limbs for things such as sports.  Now I’m not saying you need to force your child to go to an army bootcamp but to limit their usage on electrical items and go out and climb trees!  When they are subjected to things like tablets they don’t want to do anything else because that’s their comfort zone and it is very difficult to get them to go outside and play!  Believe me, I have seen it on a hot summers day, kids just gaming on inside with the windows shut, curtains closed!  I felt like I was in a SAW movie!

Another big issue with this is that it is a roll on effect where they continue this habit throughout their teenage years and adulthood.  This again brings on serious injuries ranging from mental to physical.  Due to the lack of physical mobility, bones weaken, muscle tissues aren’t as strong as they should be and brain hormones are very much in imbalance.  Apart from this, many children display a lack of concentration and negativity.  How many times have you experienced it when you are talking to a person and their phone goes off and instantly they check their phones whilst in mid conversation.  Let me answer that for you – Plenty of times!  Now that is quite rude to do actually, it’s like talking over somebody which is not a nice thing to do.  This is the effect technology has upon us, and if kids are constantly being subjected to this then they will continue to grow like this.  How many people I have talked to and they say that their kids solve their mobile phone or Ipad issues is unreal but when you ask them to make a plane or boat out of lego or mechano then they are totally lost.  This shows that they lack the ability to be creative and think outside the box whereas in a phone or tablet there is only 1 pathway to say an app so it doesn’t take long for the brain to figure it out.

I’m not saying to banish technology from the young at all, but there needs to be a balance between the outside and inside world.  We are all humans at the end of the day and our main instinct is to be curious, run around and ask questions not to sit down in front of a computer where all of the answers are given to us.  This is what the outside world does for us, it allows that freedom for your personality to grow!  This can be through music, sport or anything else which will challenge their minds to actually think and communicate between one another and in turn kids will grow in to more balanced and stable adults with the skill to make better decisions.

I believe that every child should participate in any kind of fitness whether it being running, football, climbing trees or even outside throwing water bombs around.  At least they are active and improving their mind and bodies.  The importance of health and fitness from a young age is vital for their future and we need to go back to our roots and actually think how we survived for this long.  We did not have Samsung phones thousands of years ago so how did we manage then?  We didn’t have mind craft or snap chat then either.  By understanding our nature, we can promote wiser decisions for the younger generations to take up some sort of activity.

So although technology definitely has its benefits, it does connect people from across the globe, offers the internet which has literally everything on there even my ‘amazing’ blog and allows easy access to things, we need to just take a look outside and get the younger ones to take advantage of the amazing outdoors!