Feed the brain

Feed the brain

If you didn’t already know that the brain controls virtually every function in your body then you know now!  This amazing organ has a massive capacity to learn and retain information to put to good use.  The brain releases neurotransmitters (hormones which travel through the neural system) which influence other organs to secrete their hormones through the blood stream or neurotransmitters via the nervous system.  All our emotions such as excitement, hunger, anger, pain etc is released in the form of neurotransmitters.  I can jibba jabba for a year about the brain and tell you the amazing things it can do for us, and still not graze the surface….

Doctors and scientists are constantly finding out new things about the brain and what its capabilities are.  It is one of the oldest studied organs and our brain has developed from single celled micro organisms millions of years ago.  However, this article is not about the history of the brain and what Matilda can do with it but it’s about nourishing it!  So let’s dive in …

For our brain to function properly and avoid any inconsistencies in function and structure we need to feed it the proper stuff.  Yes we all get older unfortunately, but what we don’t realise is that our brain can age faster than our physical image.  Now to prevent this ageing we need to fuel it with healthy foods so we can still maintain a sharp mind.

MCI – Mild Cognitive impairment is the first step to memory changes in the brain and I’m not going in to too much detail with that.  However, this can be reversed simply by eating healthy foods.  Foods such as eggs, blueberries, hemp seeds and herbs such as sage will do you good!  Blueberries increase levels of a neurotransmitter called dopamine which is involved in memory and learning.  Higher levels of dopamine will keep you alert and active with improved memory.  Eggs provide a great source of B vitamins and choline which is again very important for memory and foods such as sage and cinnamon have antioxidant properties that improve cognitive function.  Hemp seed oil contains valuable omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are extremely important for brain function, structure and cognitive abilities!

The brain constantly builds and repairs its neurons via cells such as oligodendrocytes and astrocytes…yes these are real words not made up!  Now although these dudes do their job, they still need vital nutrients to provide them the energy to pick up their tools and sort the neurons out.  Without healthy nerves, our everyday life would become slower and sloowwerrrrrr.  We won’t be able to function as fast as we potentially could, forget where we put stuff, forget to write amazing blogs, reactions become less responsive and even experience mood swings.  This is all down to our neurotransmitters not being able to travel to their designated locations or at a much slower pace!  Again this erosion is reversible by eating foods such as rhubarb, turmeric, berries and blackcurrants. The antioxidants such as anthocyanins and proanthocyanins in berries and currants prevent the onset of diseases such as alzheimer’s which can originate from MCI!  Rhubarb contains useful vitamins such as vitamin K which again builds brain tissue and improves neurogenesis. Turmeric contains massive amounts of antioxidants, one being curcumin which has great healing properties for the brain!

The above are just a few foods which can seriously improve the function of the brain.  Coconut is another brilliant food to have, with its medium chain triglcerides (MCT) and healthy fats it can improve brain function and be metabolised to prevent harmful diseases.  Even milk with its good dose of vitamin B12 can improve brain function.  B12 and B6 are extremely important for the body and does improve cognitive function.  Vitamin B12 and folic acid work well together to build and repair nerve tissue and helps increase the transfer of neurotransmitters.  Other foods such as spinach and kale contain great amounts of antioxidants.  Celery and celeriac contain high amounts of phosphorus which benefits the nervous system.  Avocados bring in a massive dose of fatty acids and with its high potassium levels can reduce excess cholesterol which can lead to harmful diseases such as strokes or ischemic attacks!

So there you have it, I have just listed lots and lots of foods for you to try to improve brain function!  Trust me by the time you improve your daily lifestyle and eat good foods you’ll be able to recite these blogs in your sleep!  But seriously all of you guys and girls out there, this organ is highly important to our everyday life.  We take it for granted but every action we carry out is triggered by our brains, we don’t look at it like that because we take it for granted.  Unfortunately, most of us just look at the physical, when somebody turns 24 they think they’re old for some God knows reason, but what they don’t understand is that our mental age can age a lot quicker than our ‘physical’ presence.  We all need to think outside the box and look what’s going on inside our body because at the end of the day our internal systems influences our physical and overtime if we do not take care of it then we will feel the effects on the external.

Now enough of the serious chatter and preaching, go get your shopping list ready and start downing some coconut water!