If you didn’t already know what I am going to talk about, well let me tell you….Berries!!!

Berries are a fantastic source of food which can be added to a variety of dishes!  Not only do they enhance the flavour of food but pack a healthy punch of antioxidants and other nutrients.  Now in the wild you will find a variety of different berries and each one of them comes with their own amazing health benefits.  Yes granted they are all excellent sources of antioxidants which improve your immunity, circulation, brain function, lowering of LDL cholesterol and digestion but they all have their unique attributes.  So let us explore the world of berries shall we…or only a few, I am not writing about all berries !

Goji berries come with an array of antioxidants which improve your skin and internal systems but not only that they are a fantastic anti inflammatory which help reduce sore muscles.  Betaine, a nutrient within goji berries vastly improves brain function, help you sleep and even aid in the building muscle process for all you hulkamanias!

Mulberries not only contain iron to help the kidneys, liver and blood but they contain nutrients for treating fevers and heatstrokes!  Yes they are cooling foods in that respect as they cool you down, get it ?  Certain types of mulberries such as dried white ones have been used in China for a long time to improve the health and integrity of the nervous system.  Alongside this, these amazing berries contain antioxidants to treat dry conditions such as dry skin, dry strained eyes and dry mouth and throat too.  Multitasking at its best!

Cranberries are extremely good for preventing issues such as urinary tract infections.  Certain materials within cranberries will help prevent the build up of infections in the urinary tract and even prevent stomach ulcers from occurring.  These berries contain a toning and astringent effect meaning that they will alleviate sore throats, laryngitis and even digestive problems…if you know what I mean.

Blueberries contain mass amounts of antioxidants that improve your vision, alleviate urinary infections and improve your memory too.  A neurotransmitter called dopamine which your brain releases is used for memory, alertness and cognitive function increases in production when you tend to eat berries such as these.  Now this doesn’t mean that you eat a few berries and you end up like Matilda but eating a handful of these will improve your brain function.

Above are only a few types of berries which are good for you.  There are many other berries out there with added benefits to improve your everyday life.  Some berries come in different forms of the same type which again contain slight tweaks in nutrients to improve your health.  Try different sorts such as elderberries, blackcurrants, blackberries and even strawberries, they all come packed with flavour, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and the rest to make you a healthier person.

You may not know this but the leaves which originate on the berries contains amazing nutritional properties too!  This doesn’t mean you go to your nearest park and start eating leaves or if you see a random berry with a leaf, please don’t eat it!  Head to a shop where they contain the leaves for you to try.  You usually brew the leaves in hot water to let the nutrients infuse and then have it like a tea.  See a little tip for you berry enthusiasts out there..or is it just me ?

So now you know a little bit about the importance of berries but you may be wondering what foods could you add it to?  Seriously guys and girls, just add it to anything and everything.  You can put berries on your salad, in your yoghurt, even make a smoothie out of it, put it in your hot oats in the morning or even mash some up and make your own amazing jam!  Just be creative with the berries and where you are adding them in, it’s so much more fun that way!  All you are doing is amplifying flavour and nutrition in your foods by throwing in a handful of berries.

These foods are a great addition to your already healthy diet, they come with natural sugars, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which will improve your external and internal environments.  So get going and have fun with your berries, go buy a pack of fresh or frozen ones and start chucking them around the place!  Eat well, stay fit and carry on your daily life…..with a few berries!