Feel fresh, Look better

Feel fresh, Look better

The majority of us want to look good, whether we are going to work, going out for dinner, skydiving (for selfies) or even trying to impress someone!  Being self conscious is a big part of everyday life for many of us because of all of these and more reasons. We want to feel and look good and most of all look apart, which is fine. If you look like a younger Brad Pitt or a present day Mila kunis then good on you…but just don’t be smug about it! Now if I ask you a simple question – ‘To look fresh and clean what must you do?’  Well the majority of us would say take a shower/wash our hands and face. Yes obviously you will do that to look clean, help flush out those toxins,sort your hair out and put make up on. Does this really improve the quality of your skin, or does it simply mask it?

All of the above are great and daily things that we need to do, however if you wonder throughout the day how often you need to wash your face, put make up on, touch up the hair then you’d probably do this 3 – 4 times even which is quite a lot! Although they are great but it’s simply just not enough to help revitalise your skin, and this my fellow readers is what we are going to elaborate on today!

The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is very much alive and cookin’! It has many fundamental roles such as maintaining a certain body temperature, blocking out harmful pathogens and bacteria, being elastic to allow us to move, contains many receptors to help us feel stimuli such as temperature, pain and other sensations (we won’t go there) and even allows our body to utilise vitamin D by absorbing its precursor! So as you can see the skin has lots of functions! Because of this, just like every other organ in our body we must look after it, and I don’t mean by buying clinique products or tea tree and lathering your face with them! I mean by eating the right foods and drinking the correct fluids to maintain, repair and rebuild our skin to maintain its elasticity and function!

If we take the example of acne which many teenagers suffer. Now acne is basically when the pores of the skin gets blocked by a substance called sebum and then bacteria attaches to these pores and causes spots to appear. From here you can get white heads too and if these burst then this leads to further inflammation. This is the simplest way of describing the acne issue. Yes granted that this is not just down to nutrition, at this stage of growing especially for guys they secrete lots of sex hormones which promote more acne, oily skin, contraceptives and even hormonal imbalances but all of these issues stem from what you put inside your body! Acne is just 1 skin problem which arises from what you digest.

Now we have all heard of vitamin A, B, C all the way down to K. Yes they help with lots of biological functions within our body such as maintaining circulation, respiration, kidney function, liver bla bla bla! But one of the most important organs we don’t really think about is how are these vitamins helping your skin? Vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E are all anabolic vitamins meaning that they will help restore and rebuild your body especially your skin. If you read up on these vitamins, they will all play a part in energy levels, and immunity and as we know that when you do suffer from body issues there is usually inflammation going on and the same applies with the skin. As these vitamins are immune friendly they will help regenerate your skin. Now you guys must think ‘Waa vitamin D? That ain’t no skin vitamin it’s for bones’ Yes you are right but vitamin D has many functions in the body, one important one is that it acts as a hormone too! It helps balance out hormones especially for women. Now we all know that acne is caused by hormone imbalances and therefore, our super vitamin D comes to the rescue by helping to restore hormone balances! Remember vitamins, minerals, antioxidants all work synergestically to solve problems! I know that I have only talked about vitamins here but if I went on about antioxidants, caretanoids, minerals, phytosterols etc then we’d be here for days ignoring the beautiful spring sun (however long we have it in the UK!).

So we have spoken a bit about the vitamins and their friends but what foods will help strengthen the skin? Simple super ingredients such as avocados, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, tomatoes, carrots, peaches, nectarines, berries and even dandelions will all help to make you feel and look better! These are all high in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fats! Yes I said FATS! Do not be alarmed my confused readers, these are the good fats which are actually absorbed within the deeper layers of the skin and play their role in maintaining the structure of the skin and surrounding tissues and getting rid of impurities. Even foods such as rocket, coriander, watercress are full of sulphur which is a cell builder and blood purifier! Seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and hemp seeds are all full of healthy fats, zinc and plant hormones which improve your skin! Try to add some coconut oils in your cooking too for added benefit and eat more fish! Avoid too much fatty and fried foods and don’t eat too much red meat or frequently eating foods high in saturated fats!

If you implement some of those foods above then you will notice changes to your skin; you will look and feel greater even before putting all of those man made products on! Do me a favour, next time you buy your face wash or whatever, just look at the ingredients at the back of the bottle, most of them will be a type of vitamin, plant hormone, mineral or antioxidant. So it’s no different to the foods we eat! Remember what you eat is what you are, obviously except for when you do number 1 and 2! So whatever you are putting in to your body will have an effect whether for the good or bad. Just remember to eat foods high in those vitamins and minerals such as sulphur, selenium, zinc, molybdenum and iron and you should be good to go! Also, one more thing and one very important thing to remember – Stay calm, don’t get stressed, keep a positive and relaxed mind frame for as long as you can! You may not believe that a positive personality works but it does!

It won’t happen over night, we are not witches and wizards! You need to give yourselves time but slowly, maturely you will look better and feel fresh!