Munchies before or after a workout ?

Munchies before or after a workout ?

A lot of people ask the same question – ‘To lose fat do I eat before a workout or after?’  Now the most probable thing you guys must think is ‘Surely after a workout!’  But why think that?  Is it because you are consuming less ‘calories’ and working out on an empty stomach will shift more fat?  Well let’s find out 😀

I’ll get straight in to it … It does not matter if you eat before a workout or save it for after to lose fat.  So that should ideally answer your question but I will elaborate more, please don’t get bored…

Let’s look at both sides of the coin; Heads – Eating before and Tails – Eating after only

Heads – Now eating before a workout can have many advantages such as you stock up on more energy for your workout and therefore are able to workout for a greater intensity or a longer period of time. Also eating a snack consisting of fat such as coconut water will actually stimulate your fat cells from releasing glycerol in to your bloodstream to use as a fuel source. It’s great isn’t it – Eating fat to BURN fat! Saying that, even if you munch on a banana or a few dried raisins prior to a beasty session, the amazing sugar formulas within these foods will help not only stimulate the release of sugars in to your blood stream but also act as an alarm clock for your brain! Ever wondered that when you are tired you crave sugars?  Yea that is because your brain wants sugars to give it some energy, it may also need minerals such as chromium to help stimulate the organ. Chromium is extremely important for glucose metabolism, growth, insulin and cholesterol regulation.

Also if you are feeling hungry and thinking to yourself that you have a workout in an hour or so, please do eat something! Don’t think that starving yourself and then working out will make you lose fat as your body is more inclined to hold on to it as a safety mechanism. So this is a good time to eat so make sure you have a nice little snack, yea it can be a small bowl of oats, or a pot of Greek yoghurt, or even a scrumptious smoothie which I keep raving about. Remember people, when you are hungry it is your body telling you that you need food for energy, so listen to it and feed it. Just like a baby – You wouldn’t starve a baby (I hope not!) then why should you do it to yourselves. Go grab a snack and enjoy it and you will find that your workouts will not only be a lot more intense but more enjoyable too.

Tails – Eating after a workout can be as affective as eating before a workout. I find that if you don’t eat before a workout provided you have had a sufficient meal a couple of hours before you should have enough energy to fuel yourself through the workout. Advantages of eating after a workout is that if you are heading for an early morning class and just don’t feel hungry or haven’t got time to eat something then you can always drink a glass of water to help that feeling of fullness and then carry out your class. This way of working out is very common for the early risers or people who exercise in their lunch times as they don’t have time to eat prior to a session. Having a munch after a workout can be still as important as before because it’s this time period that you are actually feeding your muscles to make them grow and promoting fat stores to be used for this process. Ideally because you haven’t gobbled up any snacks prior to a workout, you would want to focus on sugars and protein. The protein is for obvious reasons and the sugars act as protein transporters and glucose storage in the liver and muscles for future bombardments!!

So from the 2 sides of the coin, we can see that it doesn’t really matter when you eat for fat loss. Think of it more of what you are eating on a general bases because that is what will really count for fat loss and not whether you eat before or not! You need to remember that muscles and the liver stores energy, vitamins and minerals. The liver can store more than 4 months of vitamin D and can house a lot of glycogen which can be utilised as energy. Also triglyceride within adipose tissues are present for another source of energy. Protein turnover and fat metabolism is dependent on the quality and quantity of your foods throughout the day. You need to eat clean before and after a workout to feel the effects so don’t feel pressurised and think which one works the best. Your body is like a skip – you keep chucking stuff in there like old carpets, bottles. computers, your siblings and then you call the skip people and they take it away to empty it, and then you can have it back to throw some more family members in there. Well your body is just like that except you can’t store family in there – You give it the right stuff throughout the day, week, month and year and your liver and muscles will store the essential ingredients for your workouts. That’s the beauty of your body, it is a storage system and it is this energy which will be used time and again.

So the answer to your question guys and girls – No it doesn’t matter whether you eat before or only after for fat loss, what matters is what are you eating throughout the rest of the day. Ooo one more thing to add for fat loss….