A clearance

A clearance

How many of you have had ingredients chilling at the back of the fridge for ages? I know I have! If you are one who loves to buy food so frequently that you tend to neglect those poor foods left at the back then I have a great solution for you!!!!

Firstly before we even go in to the methods let’s just talk about one thing – ‘Best before’. Β Ladies, gentlemen and any others out there do not take this statement too seriously! Just because a food item as a best before date on it does not mean it has gone bad! Say if your milk was best before the 6th of June it does not necessarily mean that it has gone bad (by the way today is the 7th so that’s why I am picking that date). You need to take this statement with a pinch of salt and test the food items with something much more valuable than a bored person typing these dates on items…..Go with your senses! Look at the item, smell it and you can even ‘prod’ it for evidence. For other extremists you can even taste a bit of it and come to a decision! So remember people, the best before date is only an assumption and shouldn’t be taken as a strict code of conduct in which you have to abide to.

So that has been settled now let’s get to clearing out the fridge! Now if you do have items which you feel are going a bit sour and ugly then please make use of them and do not throw them away! This is good for 2 reasons: 1) You are saving money by not needing to buy extra meals and throwing food away in to landfill sites and 2) It’s nutrition for your body provided you are cooking the healthy things you know like veg, fish, chicken etc and not flapjacks and chocolate cakes!

If you do have lots of food left over then there are plenty of ways to cook them. Depending on what ingredients you have you can try different methods. Some are as follows:

1) A soup with lots of different vegetables and seasoning
2) Try different types of stews with what you have left and see what you can conjure up
3) Smoothies – You guys must think I am in love with these but they are so versatile
4) A steaming hot curry!! Yes the big one! But home made curries with your own home made sauces are much healthier
5) Stir fries – Again make them at home with your own sauces
6) Cold salads – Again nice and simple, cut your veg, fruits, proteins and anything else you can find at the back of the fridge and make your own salads
7) Make the amazing meals and then freeze them for later meals! This way is so efficient and does come in handy if you have made lots of food or if you want to organise the meals according to the week ahead. Β Freezing foods will increase their ‘best before’ date by a looooooong time. But again remember don’t just keep making foods and freezing them because this sort of defeats the point of this blog! Freeze some but the main point here is to GET RID OF FOOD!

See there are no excuses that you can give me, or yourself! I have just provided you 6 different ways of making good use of the foods left out. The good thing about doing it this way is that you use your senses to make things. It forces you to think outside a recipe list given by Gary Rhodes or the other million chefs and to use your own initiative to make things. Who knows you might even create something amazing that you never thought you could! Β 

Go get clearing and see what ingredients you have and what you might be able to make and once you have send me some through the post πŸ˜€ Β