The best sort of recipes are the random ones!

The best sort of recipes are the random ones!

Who here likes cooking? Well if you are one who enjoys this art then keep on reading, if you’re not then send this blog to somebody you know who will cook for you πŸ˜€

To date there are thousands of recipe books and they come in all sorts. You may buy a recipe book from some famous chef, or a book dedicating to healthy meal plans, or books to do with sports nutrition or even books full of recipes from around the World. Or you could even be living in the 21st century and look on the internet for recipes! (I rather books though)

Whichever option you choose, there are tonnes of recipes from breakfasts, to lunches, to dinners to snacks to this to that bla bla and the list goes on. You have the list in front of you and follow it step by step and create this amazing looking dish. You sit down and take the first bite and realise that ‘mmm this could have had more lemon in it or maybe some more dark soy sauce than the recipe told me to do’. Grr that’s annoying eh! Slaved over however long to prepare this bad boy recipe and it’s not to your liking! So what do you do? Do you completely avoid that recipe in the book/net and move on….or do you tweak it with your own …. SENSES!

The world we live in now has made life so much easier, so much more accessible and convenient. Now that is all brilliant to think it out loud but what is it lacking? It lacks the ability for us to utilise our gifts – Our senses! When things get more convenient we get lazy and this hinders the ability for us to exercise our senses. Because everything is done for us eg. You need like a thousand wet floor signs to show somebody is mopping a floor or packets of nuts say ‘may contain nuts’ – wahh is all that about! Because of all these silly things we lack the ability to exercise our special gifts. Think of it this way, if your first car was a manual 5 speed gearbox and you’d only had it for like 2 years before changing to an automatic for the next 20 years you would have probably forgotten how to drive a manual car properly. You’ll forget that adrenaline and excitement of revving it, the speed and the extra oomph when speeding – just things that an automatic hasn’t got! But I’m not talking from experience or anything here mind just stuff that I have heard….

So this principle is the same with recipes, automatic gearboxes are fixed gear changes keeping the car in control and not you, the same with recipes, they are fixed and so people follow them monotonously without sometimes realising what they are even putting in! As they are fixed, it prevents you from altering it yourself and tweaking the meal for your taste buds. I absolutely hate fixed recipes! I think if you should follow a recipe do it in a way that you look at the actual ingredients they are putting in but the measurements should be all yours. Everybody’s taste buds are different, some are more sensitive to sweet, some more to sour, some more to bitter etc. So following a fixed recipe list will not bode well with the population as a whole. This is where the use of your senses come in play. You want to make food look amazing, you want it to smell so mouth watering that families living 20 doors down want to make friends with you just to eat your food and you want it to taste like something you’ve never made before! This can only be achieved by sight, smell, taste, sound and even the texture of the food. People out there, all you foodies you need to cook with these gifts of ours to benefit the most from your cooking. Cooking is a form of art and you want to paint the best picture possible! Caution don’t be putting paint in your wok!

So next time you get a recipe, you learn from it, you adapt it to your liking and most importantly you evolve that same recipe to make it your own. This is done by utilising your human senses and instincts. This is one reason why I love Asian cooking. They just plonk a lot of ingredients in and see the outcome! I have always cooked like that, sometimes if I only have a set amount of time, I’ll make a Thai curry say but just add as I go along. But I’m not adding blindly, no no no, I’m looking at what I’m making, I’m tasting – does it need more spice or citrus, shall I put more coconut milk in, is the texture of the veg al dente or soft or hard? Do I chuck in more water to make a thinner sauce?Β Play 21 questions with yourself but lucky for you you’ll be answering them to benefit your own meal!

Cooking should be fun, exciting, nutritious and most importantly delicious! Yes by all means get a recipe book but you don’t need to follow the step by step instructions, noooo get off the beaten track and make it your own even if you are a beginner to this! That’s actually the best because you have no idea what flavours go with what so you’ll need to experiment. Doing this will improve your senses and practising every time you cook will make you a better chef. You’ll get so good that the smell of cinnamon and ground coriander will be stuck in your head for a looooong time! Believe me it will πŸ˜€

So there we have it, making your own out of others are simply the best sort of recipes out there, because they are fun and most importantly they are personalised!