Life in the balance!

Life in the balance!


Yes I am going big and bold on this bad boy! How much water can you drink? How much coke can you drink? How many steaks can you chomp on? How many desserts can you indulge in? How much exercise can you do? How much sitting do you do?

If you notice here, I have asked questions on ‘healthy lifestyles’ and ‘less healthy lifestyles’. Before you start reading any more of this article, in your own head just answer those questions and any others to do with your daily lifestyle and ask yourself how much?

If you are a health maniac you may think that yea it’s great eating lots of spinach, lots of meats, drinking gallons of water throughout the day, working out a billion times a week and maybe even taking some ‘selfies’ in the mirror! But is it really that great if you have an overdose of anything? The simple answer is … no! Let me explain why…

Think of your body as a plastic cup with a few holes at the bottom to let water out. Now if you start poring in water at a steady pace then the cup won’t overfill and there will be a natural flow and balance in water input and output. However, if I then got a hosepipe, put it on full blast and started filling the cup then we have a bit of a problem, causing the poor little cup to overfill and potentially ripping apart. This is just an overdose of water input in which the cup cannot handle and this in turn has adverse effects on the structure of the cup. Now the same principle can be applied to the human body. If you keep dosing up on these good foods and water then the body will simply reject what you are giving it.

Let’s take protein as an example – you ask many gym hunks and they will say that you need as much protein as possible, just munch on a cow a night and you’ll put on muscle. Although protein is very beneficial for a lot of body systems, I can assure you that eating a cow a night will not do you any benefits! End of the day, muscle is 25% protein so basically any more than the needed amount if just wasted, not only that excess protein puts a lot of stress on the liver and kidneys to excrete the excess ammonia. Also eating lots of protein causes body PH levels to drop significantly causing the body to release sodium and calcium to balance out the PH and make it more alkaline. Lack of calcium in bones causes problems like osteoporosis and other diseases! These are only a few issues to do with excess protein!

Even things like green beets, spinach, red meats, certain fish and other vegetables are high in a substance called purines and consuming lots of these foods can lead to kidney stones, gout problems and other issues too! Spinach can also play havoc with your digestive tract causing too much soluble fibre to pass through and well yeah you can guess the rest….

Now another big thing is the water consumption! You can ask many people or even watch people come in to the gym with a ton of water, enough to fill a paddling pool! I can tell you now that your body yes although composed mainly of water, it can only take that much. After this level it will start dissolving essential minerals such as sodium which we need for regulating nerve conductivity and muscle contraction. Sodium also helps in regulating water balance and maintaining blood pressure. This is why some people when drinking too much water can experience dizziness, fainting, headaches, fatigue, sore muscles etc!

Now the above are just a few examples of eating too much of the good stuff. But this post is not just about eating in balance but also all other aspects of your daily lifestyle! We all need a balance of good food, the delicious ‘sin’ food, going out, going to work etc etc. If there is a change in equilibrium then we won’t like it and will make adaptive changes whether psychologically, physiologically or both! It’s only when we maintain a balance of all parts of life, we will feel happy within ourselves and be content with what we have.

Yes sure why not go out and spend a bit of money on something you like or have wanted for a long time, but don’t make this a habit and start spending on your credit cards without the ability to pay it back, otherwise people will be playing ‘knock knock’ jokes on your actual door step! Or if you want to take a well earned holiday for a couple of weeks then crack on, but again don’t make this every month as it’ll get monotonous, expensive and probably you getting sacked from work. Yes hit the gym regularly on a weekly bases, but change your workouts up a bit and have your rest days from the same muscle groups for obvious reasons. Or if you want why not go out and gobble on 2 steaming sticky toffee puddings with cold ice cream once in a while, again just not 4 times a week as diabetes will be saying hi to you!

Can you see what I am getting at here? By keeping things in the balance you will manage your stress levels a lot more and when you do do that certain activity or munch on a dessert don’t feel bad about it, be happy with your decision as you know it’s just once in a while and you have earned it. Decision making should be productive and not counter productive meaning that every decision you make you should take the positive from it and be happy with that. Unfortunately, in this day and age there is a serious imbalance in our daily lifestyle causing more and more depression cases, unhealthy young children and in general people not as happy! This is not what life should be about! Yes granted companies demand a lot from their employees (something that is out of our hands) but to counteract this, we shouldn’t take work home with us which leads to stress, in fact we should forget about it and do the complete opposite to what we did in work! Go out for a walk, or the gym, or even play a board game with your family/friends rather than coming home, feeling stressed, watching TV, eating and going to bed waiting for the next day to do the same thing!

The world is becoming a smaller place but the speed at which it’s moving is incredible! Therefore, there has been a shift to more workload and less other things in life and you do not want to overload your body to just 1 aspect of life. Keep everything in balance or at least try and I guarantee you you will feel a lot happier, more content and a lot less stressed about everything!It will take time to adjust to what I am trying to say here but if you make an effort, the balance in your life will be restored and you will be happier.

Told you, this blog post will be a bit bigger and bolder 😀