Tiresome training

Tiresome training

Ever heard people tell you when you’re tired you should not train? Sure we all have heard that, mostly from our mothers really! But there is good truth in this statement, if you are tired then you shouldn’t really train and let your muscles recover. This is because you won’t give it your 100%, your immune system is not as active as you’d like, your brain’s chemical balance is probably a bit out of sync and in general you will feel sluggish. So obviously with these factors you really cannot give it your best especially if you’re doing strength or metabolic training. But what about sparring…..?

Yes it’s the same here, if you are practically sleep walking you cannot really spar properly and your opponent will probably use you as a punch bag. But is this all that bad ? In this blog post I will be solely talking about people doing a martial art and not weight training and the effects of training when tired….

So back to what I was saying, is this all that bad ? Think about this for a moment before you jump down my throat and strangle me to death! How many of you who are reading this come home from work or a game of football or even the pub and you’re tired? How many of you are walking somewhere maybe going back to home to nap due to tiredness? Now in this mindset your body experiences those symptoms that I described above in the first paragraph and then imagine somebody out of the blue tries to attack you? Now there’s no octagon or a boxing ring on the street and you aren’t fully energised and haven’t had your team talk of how to take down your opponent. So how would you handle this circumstance when you’re fatigued? Yes it’s bloody challenging!

So this is why I think that SOMETIMES (emphasis on sometimes not all the time) you need to train or spar when you are tired. In this way your mind is being conditioned to take blows and give them out too. It’s a mental game especially if you are challenged on the streets so you need to be as alert as possible no matter how tired or energised you are. This is the reason, I think that when you are a bit fatigued or in some extreme cases quite a bit fatigued you should train or spar with other people. Yes it is very difficult and sometimes all you see is a bed where your opponent is but this is all practise to train your mind to be disciplined and focused. It’s like having a leash on a big barking dog who’s just seen the next door neighbour’s cat, Percy! You need to rain it in and control the animal, and it’s the same for your own mind. Don’t let the mind control you but you control your mind. When you can practise this and start mastering it then you will be a hell of a lot more conditioned no matter what state you’re in! But yes it takes a lot of practise so don’t think that you’ll get in the ring with no sleep the night before and become a ninja!

Now the good thing with this type of training is that you will get hit a lot 😀 Don’t take that as criticism, take it is conditioning that every time you get hit your body doesn’t only get used to the pain but you also register that strike and will become better conditioned to block that type of strike in the future. Training in a fatigued state is a mental challenge and you need to practise harnessing emotions and channel them in the right direction to stand a chance. Remember we are talking about everyday life and street attacks so basically attacks which you don’t expect. Because of the random stimuli you need to have that ‘off and on’ switch in your mind and get ready to switch on when something comes your way. This is when you channel everything in to your self defence. But again people this comes with lots and lots of practise and even training with different opponents in different environments too.

As you can read here, training in a fatigued state does have its benefits. If will really condition you to have a better chance for those days where you are physically and emotionally drained. When you get in to uncomfortable situations you will know how to get out of them because of this type of conditioning. Howeverrrrr……..

On a serious note, you must always remember that training in a fatigued state can cause detrimental damage to your health so please exercise caution. This type shouldn’t be done every session or every other, in fact once or twice a month is sufficient enough! When your body is tired, it means that it needs rest so please more 90% of the time give it that, don’t think that just because I have written this ‘amazing’ (yes amazing) blog post that yeah you can all go in as zombies and try and fight. Please, please be careful with this as if you do get hit in a tired state of mind you are even more likely to have serious injuries. It’s not nice experiencing a hook to the temple when you are physically and mentally tired! It is difficult to even keep your eyes focussed believe me I’ve been through it! In regards to beginners, I wouldn’t advise this to start off with as you all should practise techniques and slow, controlled motions rather than doing this sort of training. It’s the same as if you had a beginner and they wanted to work out, well you don’t give them high intensity intervals on their first session do you? I mean you don’t really want to kill them just hypothetically !

Now to finish this off, if you ever are in awkward situations like I dunno some randomer wants your tins of tuna you bought or your car keys, or even if they just want to pick fights with you because they don’t like what you’re wearing, then try your level best to assess the situation and avoid contact (a brawl!) because let’s be honest on the streets anything can happen to anyone. You might not know how dangerous the other person is, are they carrying weapons or if they have friends with them. Always try your best to avoid the fight and walk your separate ways and if you need to then just run. Self defence is not about having a massive ego, it’s about self defence and that doesn’t mean that you need to dismantle the other person but to do what’s right for your safety and others around you too. So please before throwing that left straight or knee to the nuts just assess the situations and drop the ego and walk away.Don’t try to be a HERO!