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Tiresome training

Ever heard people tell you when you’re tired you should not train? Sure we all have heard that, mostly from our mothers really! But there is good truth in this statement, if you are tired then you shouldn’t really train and let your muscles recover. This is because you won’t give it your 100%, your […]

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Best of the outdoors

Working out does not have to mean you need to lift sledge hammers, weights, alligators or anything else you can find in the gym over your head. Lots of people accustom exercising with lifting large sums of weights and this can have a psychological effect on them. The term ‘exercise’ is just the ability to […]

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A break down of a deadlift

Most of us know that deadlifts are a good test of strength.  This exercise is very common in the gym.  The guy in the corner shouting..yeah he’s the one doing a million kg deadlift !  Nevertheless, whatever weight you lift for the deadlift, you want to carry it out with the best possible technique.  Deadlifts […]

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Kill 2 birds with 1 stone…or more

Yeah don’t literally try to do this!  It probably won’t happen anyway… So what do I mean with this statement ? Everyone has heard or used this saying (except the ‘or more’ bit) and it means to make your life easier and more efficient.  This can also be used within the fitness industry believe it […]

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Introduction to lower body Dysfunction – Say wahhhhhhh? !

Now what does lower dysfunction mean you ask? Without indulging in too much science as that might bore most of you, the simple answer is….Problems with your lower body.  There I answered your question without complicating things! The human body is an interlinked kinetic chain which relies on each component to function optimally in order […]

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Health and fitness from the early stages

Tonight we’re going to explore the importance of a healthy lifestyle from a young age… We live in a world dominated with technology ranging from hardcore gaming on the latest PS4’s and X-Box’s to the conveniences of mobile phones with a million gimmicks.  Now don’t get me wrong, enhancements and progressions in technology is a […]

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