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Feel fresh, Look better

The majority of us want to look good, whether we are going to work, going out for dinner, skydiving (for selfies) or even trying to impress someone!  Being self conscious is a big part of everyday life for many of us because of all of these and more reasons. We want to feel and look […]

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If you didn’t already know what I am going to talk about, well let me tell you….Berries!!! Berries are a fantastic source of food which can be added to a variety of dishes!  Not only do they enhance the flavour of food but pack a healthy punch of antioxidants and other nutrients.  Now in the […]

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Kill 2 birds with 1 stone…or more

Yeah don’t literally try to do this!  It probably won’t happen anyway… So what do I mean with this statement ? Everyone has heard or used this saying (except the ‘or more’ bit) and it means to make your life easier and more efficient.  This can also be used within the fitness industry believe it […]

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Feed the brain

If you didn’t already know that the brain controls virtually every function in your body then you know now!  This amazing organ has a massive capacity to learn and retain information to put to good use.  The brain releases neurotransmitters (hormones which travel through the neural system) which influence other organs to secrete their hormones […]

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Avoid congesting the tunnels!

Yeah you think I’m talking about cars but unfortunately you’d be wrong!  As interesting as it is talking about traffic jams at 6 pm rush this sort of congestion is far more microscopic. I am actually going to ramble on about cardiovascular disorders, one in particular – atherosclerosis! Atherosclerosis (very hard to spell) is a […]

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The sweet craving

Who hasn’t walked passed a bakery and eyed that tasty little cupcake in the window or that stunning chocolate gateaux with shavings on top?  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  But why do us humans love to eat sugary things, and why do they taste so amazing that we keep craving more […]

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