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Stability in the right direction

How many steps do you take a day?  10,000? 3895? 500?  Or are you not that sad and don’t keep count?  Maybe you guys have a fitbit or a pedometer which keeps count for you to see how many miles you have done.  Either way, if each one of us counts the amount we use […]

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A break down of a deadlift

Most of us know that deadlifts are a good test of strength.  This exercise is very common in the gym.  The guy in the corner shouting..yeah he’s the one doing a million kg deadlift !  Nevertheless, whatever weight you lift for the deadlift, you want to carry it out with the best possible technique.  Deadlifts […]

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Stretch compounds to ease muscle and joint stiffness

For everybody who participates in a sport or regular activity they will experience muscle stiffness and joint pains.  For those who address this and don’t like the feeling of walking like a donkey they will stretch out the area of concern.  However, stretching that muscle itself might not be sufficient enough or efficient to ease […]

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Introduction to lower body Dysfunction – Say wahhhhhhh? !

Now what does lower dysfunction mean you ask? Without indulging in too much science as that might bore most of you, the simple answer is….Problems with your lower body.  There I answered your question without complicating things! The human body is an interlinked kinetic chain which relies on each component to function optimally in order […]

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Specific to your sport

I have great respect for people who play a sport, whether it at international level or just recreational.  It’s obvious that the sport you enjoy is the one that you will pursuit and reach new heights and constantly trying to improve your performance!  That shows a test of character in itself as I have mentioned […]

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Back on track

Isn’t it a pain in the ass when you’re doing so well towards achieving your goal/goals and you fall down with an injury?  Short answer – Yes ! It’s like you’ve been pummeled by a meteor 6 feet under whilst you’re on the home straight and it’s not a good feeling let me tell you […]

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