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A break down of a deadlift

Most of us know that deadlifts are a good test of strength.  This exercise is very common in the gym.  The guy in the corner shouting..yeah he’s the one doing a million kg deadlift !  Nevertheless, whatever weight you lift for the deadlift, you want to carry it out with the best possible technique.  Deadlifts […]

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Specific to your sport

I have great respect for people who play a sport, whether it at international level or just recreational.  It’s obvious that the sport you enjoy is the one that you will pursuit and reach new heights and constantly trying to improve your performance!  That shows a test of character in itself as I have mentioned […]

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1 and a half

You might be thinking ‘ has he lost the plot?’  What does this mean then?  By now you might have guessed that my article titles sort of differentiate from the standard ones out there, and this one is definitely no exception.  But before I get off the tracks let’s elaborate on the beautiful world of […]

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Multitasking for strength

‘I’m a woman so I can multitask’ is a very common phrase that lots of people hear!  Just to be clear – I’m not a woman I was just quoting it. However, if you really think about it, both men and women multitask.  Do you ever do listen to music whilst revising or do you […]

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Fuel it up

Now we all know that eating too many sugars (simple carbohydrates) are bad for you.  They are more inclined to store up in fat cells, make you sluggish and can cause diseases such as strokes and heart attacks which we all want to stay away from.  But they are just so tasty!  I mean come […]

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Deep breaths – The key to performance

Now I don’t care what you are doing whether you are hitting a punchbag, running a 100 meter sprint, dead lifting a cow or doing yoga..YOU HAVE TO BREATH! Yeah I know this sounds strange and pretty obvious that yes breathing is compulsory and we don’t need to think about it….or do we ? Let’s […]

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