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Running the knee down

We all know you need your knees for a lot of things, whether it’s bending down to pick something up, running, walking or even flexing your quads in front of the mirror to see your progress and not to impress the girl next to you.  However this little bone can unfortunately get ill too just […]

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Multitasking for strength

‘I’m a woman so I can multitask’ is a very common phrase that lots of people hear!  Just to be clear – I’m not a woman I was just quoting it. However, if you really think about it, both men and women multitask.  Do you ever do listen to music whilst revising or do you […]

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Who’s slouching now ?

By now you guys know a little bit about nutrition, exercises and general lifestyle pointers.  Now let’s dive a little bit in to muscle groups and how they communicate with each other.  It’s not boring honest! If you didn’t already know, our muscles work in conjunction with each other to execute movement patterns.  Just like […]

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