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A burst of energy

Majority of us have had caffeine in some form or another before whether it’s through tea or coffee.  Thanks to our Italians café’s have spread like wildfire across the world!  Even in the UK which is a big tea drinking nation has hundreds and thousands of café’s around, and what do people now opt for?  Yes […]

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Essential Mineral – Magnesium

We know that protein, fats and carbohydrates are important for our growth and development.  We also know that proteins help us build and repair muscles, fats a major constitute of our body and carbohydrates our main energy source.  However, we disregard our essential vitamins and minerals and pay no attention to them.  It’s like paying […]

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Deep breaths – The key to performance

Now I don’t care what you are doing whether you are hitting a punchbag, running a 100 meter sprint, dead lifting a cow or doing yoga..YOU HAVE TO BREATH! Yeah I know this sounds strange and pretty obvious that yes breathing is compulsory and we don’t need to think about it….or do we ? Let’s […]

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