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Myth Busters – Can you have too much water?

You may have heard somewhere that you must drink plenty of water throughout the day and that it is really good for you bla bla bla. Hang on, before we move on don’t think that I am bashing water, I actually love the element! So just as we are clear on that let’s move on…. […]

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Munchies before or after a workout ?

A lot of people ask the same question – ‘To lose fat do I eat before a workout or after?’  Now the most probable thing you guys must think is ‘Surely after a workout!’  But why think that?  Is it because you are consuming less ‘calories’ and working out on an empty stomach will shift […]

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A burst of energy

Majority of us have had caffeine in some form or another before whether it’s through tea or coffee.  Thanks to our Italians café’s have spread like wildfire across the world!  Even in the UK which is a big tea drinking nation has hundreds and thousands of café’s around, and what do people now opt for?  Yes […]

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