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Introduction to lower body Dysfunction – Say wahhhhhhh? !

Now what does lower dysfunction mean you ask? Without indulging in too much science as that might bore most of you, the simple answer is….Problems with your lower body.  There I answered your question without complicating things! The human body is an interlinked kinetic chain which relies on each component to function optimally in order […]

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Use the other side

Most of us are born with one favourite side, whether it’s their left or right.  So we go on with life using our strong side to do many tasks such as kicking a ball and painting amazing art.  But what happens when that side gets injured in some way or another?  Or even for some […]

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Who’s slouching now ?

By now you guys know a little bit about nutrition, exercises and general lifestyle pointers.  Now let’s dive a little bit in to muscle groups and how they communicate with each other.  It’s not boring honest! If you didn’t already know, our muscles work in conjunction with each other to execute movement patterns.  Just like […]

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Running with ITB syndrome – You don’t want it!

ITB syndrome stands for Iliotibial band syndrome and is not your friend!  This usually occurs with runners as they continuously pound the tarmac causing pressure to build up in their lower limbs.  Let’s just have a look at what ITB syndrome is all about first. Your iliotibial band runs down from your pelvis and attaches […]

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