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A clearance

How many of you have had ingredients chilling at the back of the fridge for ages? I know I have! If you are one who loves to buy food so frequently that you tend to neglect those poor foods left at the back then I have a great solution for you!!!! Firstly before we even […]

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Munchies before or after a workout ?

A lot of people ask the same question – ‘To lose fat do I eat before a workout or after?’  Now the most probable thing you guys must think is ‘Surely after a workout!’  But why think that?  Is it because you are consuming less ‘calories’ and working out on an empty stomach will shift […]

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1 and a half

You might be thinking ‘ has he lost the plot?’  What does this mean then?  By now you might have guessed that my article titles sort of differentiate from the standard ones out there, and this one is definitely no exception.  But before I get off the tracks let’s elaborate on the beautiful world of […]

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A breakdown of muscle

A lot of people neglect this topic when working out.  What I am talking about is DOMS!  To everyone out there reading this who don’t know what DOMS stands for it’s Direct Onset of Muscle Soreness.  It basically means the breakdown of a muscle and the pain experienced after that due to the breakdown.  Before […]

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