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Running the knee down

We all know you need your knees for a lot of things, whether it’s bending down to pick something up, running, walking or even flexing your quads in front of the mirror to see your progress and not to impress the girl next to you.  However this little bone can unfortunately get ill too just […]

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Push that extra mile

It’s all good going to the gym and having a session, coming out feeling like you’ve done a good job whilst downing your protein shake.  But have you really had a good session or are you just telling yourself that ? It all boils down to your state of mind.  Let me just paint you […]

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Running with ITB syndrome – You don’t want it!

ITB syndrome stands for Iliotibial band syndrome and is not your friend!  This usually occurs with runners as they continuously pound the tarmac causing pressure to build up in their lower limbs.  Let’s just have a look at what ITB syndrome is all about first. Your iliotibial band runs down from your pelvis and attaches […]

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Deep breaths – The key to performance

Now I don’t care what you are doing whether you are hitting a punchbag, running a 100 meter sprint, dead lifting a cow or doing yoga..YOU HAVE TO BREATH! Yeah I know this sounds strange and pretty obvious that yes breathing is compulsory and we don’t need to think about it….or do we ? Let’s […]

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