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Myth Buster – Crunches for core

Maybe it’s the wrong time of year to talk about this kind of stuff but I’m going to run my mouth now for a good few minutes. Now lots of you out there must think that doing crunches all the time is the best way of improving your core. I mean obviously, if your stomach […]

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A break down of a deadlift

Most of us know that deadlifts are a good test of strength.  This exercise is very common in the gym.  The guy in the corner shouting..yeah he’s the one doing a million kg deadlift !  Nevertheless, whatever weight you lift for the deadlift, you want to carry it out with the best possible technique.  Deadlifts […]

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1 and a half

You might be thinking ‘ has he lost the plot?’  What does this mean then?  By now you might have guessed that my article titles sort of differentiate from the standard ones out there, and this one is definitely no exception.  But before I get off the tracks let’s elaborate on the beautiful world of […]

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