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Life in the balance!

EVERYTHING MUST BE IN BALANCE! Yes I am going big and bold on this bad boy! How much water can you drink? How much coke can you drink? How many steaks can you chomp on? How many desserts can you indulge in? How much exercise can you do? How much sitting do you do? If […]

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If you didn’t already know what I am going to talk about, well let me tell you….Berries!!! Berries are a fantastic source of food which can be added to a variety of dishes!  Not only do they enhance the flavour of food but pack a healthy punch of antioxidants and other nutrients.  Now in the […]

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Feed the brain

If you didn’t already know that the brain controls virtually every function in your body then you know now!  This amazing organ has a massive capacity to learn and retain information to put to good use.  The brain releases neurotransmitters (hormones which travel through the neural system) which influence other organs to secrete their hormones […]

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Add to your collection

So the blog I will be writing about today will be a little different from what I normally talk about.  I thought to myself that I have rambled on for a long time about health and fitness and you guys can read my blog if you wish to gain some knowledge or just refresh your […]

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