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The dangers of fat

All humans maintain a certain degree of fat, some more than others as we all know.  There are advantages of sustaining a small percentage of fat as fat can be an energy reserve when food is scarce or when carrying out long distant events.  Also fat is a great insulator in cold conditions and helps […]

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Add to your collection

So the blog I will be writing about today will be a little different from what I normally talk about.  I thought to myself that I have rambled on for a long time about health and fitness and you guys can read my blog if you wish to gain some knowledge or just refresh your […]

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The sweet craving

Who hasn’t walked passed a bakery and eyed that tasty little cupcake in the window or that stunning chocolate gateaux with shavings on top?  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  But why do us humans love to eat sugary things, and why do they taste so amazing that we keep craving more […]

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