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The best sort of recipes are the random ones!

Who here likes cooking? Well if you are one who enjoys this art then keep on reading, if you’re not then send this blog to somebody you know who will cook for you 😀 To date there are thousands of recipe books and they come in all sorts. You may buy a recipe book from […]

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A clearance

How many of you have had ingredients chilling at the back of the fridge for ages? I know I have! If you are one who loves to buy food so frequently that you tend to neglect those poor foods left at the back then I have a great solution for you!!!! Firstly before we even […]

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Avoid congesting the tunnels!

Yeah you think I’m talking about cars but unfortunately you’d be wrong!  As interesting as it is talking about traffic jams at 6 pm rush this sort of congestion is far more microscopic. I am actually going to ramble on about cardiovascular disorders, one in particular – atherosclerosis! Atherosclerosis (very hard to spell) is a […]

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