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Myth Busters – Can you have too much water?

You may have heard somewhere that you must drink plenty of water throughout the day and that it is really good for you bla bla bla. Hang on, before we move on don’t think that I am bashing water, I actually love the element! So just as we are clear on that let’s move on…. […]

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Test of dehydration

We all know that water is extremely important for your body.  It helps you in everyday tasks, allowing you to focus on specific tasks and helps your mental endurance.  Water is a vital component of all body cells and all of your organs need it as it contains the special ‘O’ molecule.  Yes ‘O’ is […]

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Back on track

Isn’t it a pain in the ass when you’re doing so well towards achieving your goal/goals and you fall down with an injury?  Short answer – Yes ! It’s like you’ve been pummeled by a meteor 6 feet under whilst you’re on the home straight and it’s not a good feeling let me tell you […]

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A breakdown of muscle

A lot of people neglect this topic when working out.  What I am talking about is DOMS!  To everyone out there reading this who don’t know what DOMS stands for it’s Direct Onset of Muscle Soreness.  It basically means the breakdown of a muscle and the pain experienced after that due to the breakdown.  Before […]

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